SOLVED Real Time or Live "Edge to Spline" Object?


Is there a way to create a real-time or live "edge to spline" object?


  1. You have Object A
  2. Execute "Edge to Spline" command. It produces a Spline object
  3. Modify Object A (through skinning, typical deformers, PSR) etc
  4. The spline object stays the same as #1. I don't want that. I want it to stay with the latest modification of Object A #3.

You can see an equivalent of what I am after here in Maya:


Spline generator objects are ObjectData plugins implementing GetContour().

I guess it could be possible to make that function read the properties of a child object. But there is no spline generator in Cinema that does that, so I don't know if that will work.

Another idea would be a Python Tag that continuously accesses your mesh, performs MCOMMAND_EDGE_TO_SPLINE and writes the result into an existing Spline object.

@PluginStudent and @m_adam

The plugin from @noseman works.
It works for now in my use case, but correct me if I'm wrong it cannot have a priority parameter because it is a generator (?).