Solved Set Track Data Method?


I can see there is a Get2dTrackData() method.
Is there a Set2dTrackData() equivalent?

Example use case is:

  1. I have tracked a footage with a frame sequence of 0-100
  2. Client wants to extend to to 0-110.
  3. When I reimport the the footage which is virtually the same, all the track data is lost.
    I have to do the tracking data (create new tracks, etc) again. This is ridiculous.
  4. This has been confirmed by the Maxon support team.

I was wondering if I can copy the data track from the old motion tracker to the new tracker.
That's why I am looking for the SetTrackDataMethod.

Is there a way around this?


It looks like that type has been designed to only grant read access even in C++, from MotionTrackerObject (emphasis by me).

Provides read access to Footage and 2D Tracking information for the object. This allows access to the raw 2D Tracks to be used for user purposes, e.g. to drive custom animation systems.


MAXON SDK Specialist

Hi, I can confirm there is no way exposed to 3rd party developers to set manually the 2D/3D track Data.


@zipit @m_adam

Apologies for the late response. Thank you for the confirmation both.
I will close this for now.