Solved Python Generator - Accessing Contour Spline

Hi all.

I'd like to be able to have a python generator that creates a field object with a custom preset for it's contour spline for remapping

I've used [c4d.FIELD_CONTOUR_MODE] = 4 to set the Contour Mode to Curve.

I also have [c4d.FIELD_CONTOUR_SPLINE] for accessing the contour spline, I'm just not sure how I can go about setting it to a preset. Any help is massively appreciated.

Many thanks,

I don't know if you can apply a spline preset using code, but the parameter c4d.FIELD_CONTOUR_SPLINE stores a SplineData object, which you can edit as you like.

Thanks again @PluginStudent for helping me so quickly.

That was enough information to help me find the .MakeUserSpline function that allows me to do exactly what I'm after:

MakeUserSpline('sin(x * PI)', 5)

More info here for anyone looking.