SOLVED Modifying timeline marker's attributes

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C4D's Python SDK has method c4d.documents.AddMarker(), which only allows you to enter the marker's name and time position. What about other marker attributes, such as length, color, note etc.: is it possible to modify them after the new marker has been created?

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AddMarker() returns a BaseList2D object. The timeline marker settings are just parameters of this object, that can be set like any other parameter.

now = doc.GetTime()
marker = c4d.documents.AddMarker(doc, None ,now, "New Marker")
marker[c4d.TLMARKER_TEXT] = "test text"

See tlmarker.h File Reference

Thanks PluginStudent, that was a lot easier than I thought!

And to add on top of @PluginStudent, there is an example in which define the time.

Note to know each parameter you can also use the console as described in Python Console - Drag and Drop


Thanks for the drag'n'drop tip Maxime, that feature is extremely useful!