Solved Assets Management

Hi all,

I have problems with the assets management.
I'm working on a shader that has a lot of sub textures.
Where i can find a good example to understand how i must handle it?

Thanks in advance
Renato T.

What "problems" exactly do you have? What do you want to do? What are "sub textures"? What do you want to "handle"?

If you want to support "Save Project with Assets", see NodeData::Message() Manual. (see also HandleShaderMessage() is you have sub-shaders).

@PluginStudent Hi, thank for answer.

I hape problem when save project with asset it used. Seem to work not well. Texture manager also have problem.. missing textures.

For "Sub Texture" i mean that this is a shader like Layer or Filter. This shader have layers and each layer can have a lot textures inside.

I would like to "handle" to know, so i asked to detailed example to learn and understand why we have so problems in texture manager and loading saved scene with assets. Texture are not miss at all but something is missing in the management of assets.


About HandleShaderMessage() in Message().

There is a specific message to do that or i need to use HandleShaderMessage() any time Message() is called?

EDIT2: no... no MSG

Ok, i solved my problem was my miss. Thanks again.