SOLVED Access Clone of Cloners?


Is there a way to access clone of cloners?
So far, what I want is

  1. Change material of a specific cloner
  2. Change user data of a specific cloner

Based on these threads,
Accessing Mograph clones
access to parameters on cloned objects
Assign Material to a clone in a Cloner object

It is not possible to Access Clone of Cloners, but maybe something changed in 2020 that made it possible? *wink *wink
Can someone confirm?

If indeed it's not possible, do you know any alternative procedure of doing so?

So far my last resort is making the clone editable but it would be cumbersome since my cloner source is a moving/dynamic particle. This means I'd have thousands of clones with also baked animation to manage 😞


no, that has not changed. MoGraph still is and probably always will be a particle system, which gives you no direct control over the attributes of the objects attached to its particles, because it does interpolate automatically between them.

However, you can easily drive the attributes of an object or its material with the MoGraph system out of the box, there should be dozens of tutorials on Youtube. You can then write your own effector to shape the interpolation to your liking.



I confirm @zipit answer. Using mograph shader and your own python effector you can achieve some effect.
The problem start if you have really complexe share with sss, different reflection etc etc.

What kind of UserData you need to change on cloner ?


@zipit and @m_magalhaes

Thanks for the response.

I'm a bit confused on the answer where I can't access the clone but I'm able to "drive the attributes of an object or its material" . Isn't the latter require access of the clone?

RE: What kind of UserData you need to change on cloner ?
Oh.I have this character with a walk/run user data parameter. I want to map the parameter to the speed of the clone. So if the clone is slow, it has a walk(0%) parameter. If its fast, it has a run(100%) parameter. And anything in between is interlopated depending on the speed of the clone.

I can access the speed with the help of xParticles but I'm just lost on how to map it to a clone by clone basis


I should have said shader inside one material. You can assign a multi-shader
That shader can react to a different shade of grey of your clones. That shade of grey can be applied by an effector.

you are trying to create a crowd simulation, and i'm not sure if a UserData is the best approch. You can have a look at this thread @maxime came with a cool idea.

it's not possible to change a userdata to a specific clone.



tomorrow, I will consider that thread as solved without further news.