Solved Performance Issue with Symmetry - and other

Hi There.
I have a quite huge project (space colony) using symmetry. To organize and be able to hide stuff, I created several layers. Working with the symmetry OFF goes quite well. Enable Disable Layers does work relatively quickly. But once the symmetry is ON, it's a nightmare.

Could it be that the layer hiding is handled after the symmetry? That first C4D does enable all objects in the symmetry and then hide the layers?

and shall one get ride of the symmetry when done? And if yes; how to do it?

thank you

Hi @chakuew0, plugincafe is only a support for Cinema 4D API and SDK, and I don't see in any way how your question is related to the API, but more an issue within Cinema 4D.

So please contact the Cinema 4D support for all no related API questions in this page.