UNSOLVED Vertex map python setup

Hello guys! :) Is there anyone who understand python with c4d? I’m trying to make two effects from Simon Holmedal video. First Effect where he place null object to one of the conner and this is Second Effect It’s same effect like first but he added velocity. I'm newbie in python. But i wanna to learn something like this. Can you someone help me to build this setup? Thanks.


thanks for reaching us and welcome to this forum.
I've moved your thread to the general programming as there's no question specific to Cinema 4D.

I would suggest to start to read our python documentation specially our manual list

If you never learned python, i would suggest to start learning python first. There's is a lot of place on internet to learn it :)

We also have the c++ help, that contain a lot of manual that explains lot of things.

There's several place where you can include python, see our documentation.

For your project you need to think about what kind of plugin you need.
We also have a lot of examples on github

Also use our search tool on this forum, you will find a lot of information.

You can always ask a question on this forum on a specific function like "how to update a vertex map ?".


Just to point out, I already answered & posted a full sample scene in this thread:
plus a detailed explanation on how vertex map calculation works in a free post on my Patreon:

(Just so we don't get work duplicated.)