Changing font size.

  • I can display text in the User Area (UA) using GeClipMap() and now I want to change the height of the text or the font.
    Below code is not working. Text height is not changed.

    #draw everything in one clip map  
    #draw background  
    self.drawMap.SetColor(51, 51, 51)  
    self.drawMap.FillRect(x1, y1, x2, y2)  
    bc = c4d.BaseContainer()  
    bc = self.drawMap.GetDefaultFont(c4d.GE_FONT_DEFAULT_SYSTEM)
    self.drawMap.SetFontSize(bc, c4d.GE_FONT_SIZE_INTERNAL, 32) 
    self.drawMap.SetColor(255,170, 24)  
    txt = "Please, insert an object into the scene for testing!"   
    print "text w/h: ", self.drawMap.TextWidth(txt), self.drawMap.TextHeight()
    self.DrawBitmap(self.drawMap.GetBitmap(), 0, 0, 250,32, 0,0, 250,32, c4d.BMP_NORMAL)   

  • SetFontSize() is a static function. Just consult the documentation before using a function.

    It changes the font size of the given font description (in form of a BaseContainer).

    You can use that BaseContainer with SetFont(), which also has a font size argument.

    You find an example in the GeClipMap Manual.

  • hello,

    as @PluginStudent said ;), you have to be careful at what is static and not.
    The SetFontSize function will only change the BaseContainer passed as an argument. It will have no effect to your instance.

    An example using both method to set the height of the text.

    import c4d
    from c4d import gui
    def DrawText():
         # Creates GeClipMap to do some drawing operation
        myGeClipMap = c4d.bitmaps.GeClipMap()
        if myGeClipMap is None:
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to create a GeClipMap")
        # Initializes the GeClipMap with our Bitmap
        w = h = 900
        if not myGeClipMap.Init(w, h):
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to initialize GeClipMap")
        rgba = c4d.Vector4d(100,0,0,100)
        # Start the drawing
        # Defines the raw mode to blend (means we do not override existing pixel and use opacity)
        myGeClipMap.SetDrawMode(c4d.GE_CM_DRAWMODE_BLEND, c4d.GE_CM_SRC_MAX_OPACITY)
        # Defines the colors used to paint a rectangle
        myGeClipMap.SetColor(rgba.x, rgba.y, rgba.z, rgba.w)
        # Paints a rectangle into all the pictures
        myGeClipMap.FillRect(0, 0, w, h)
        # Change the colore for the text 
        myGeClipMap.SetColor(255, 255, 255, rgba.w)
        # Retrieves the font description with the static function
        bc = c4d.bitmaps.GeClipMap.GetFontDescription("CourierNewPS-ItalicMT", c4d.GE_FONT_NAME_POSTSCRIPT)
        c4d.bitmaps.GeClipMap.SetFontSize(bc, c4d.GE_FONT_SIZE_INTERNAL, 50)
        # Sets the font description of my GeCMaplip and use 0.0 to use the font size from BaseContainer
        myGeClipMap.SetFont(bc, 0.0)
        # Draws the text
        txt = "Please, insert an object into the scene for testing!"       
        myGeClipMap.TextAt(50, 50, txt)  
        # Changes the font
        bc = c4d.bitmaps.GeClipMap.GetDefaultFont(c4d.GE_FONT_DEFAULT_SYSTEM)
        myGeClipMap.SetFont(bc, 50.0)
        # Draws the text
        myGeClipMap.TextAt(50, 150, txt)  
        # End the drawing
        return myGeClipMap
    def main():
        geClip = DrawText()
    # Execute main()
    if __name__=='__main__':


  • Great example, thank you.

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