Oh, noo... sad to see you go, but have fun on your next adventure!

Thanks for all the tips & tricks along the way!


Thank you for all of your work and help, Sebastian. Best wishes for your new life chapter!

Thanks for all your answers, comments and replies over the years.
Sad to see you go. Best of luck with your new endeavours.

Thanks for all the help!
Good luck!

It has been absolutely amazing having you here for the past 5 years. I can't believe it has been that long already. Thank you for all your help and the best of luck for your future!


thanks for your kind help all the time. Have fun and take care on your new path!

Sorry to see you go as well.
You were a great and helpful guy!
Hope, to see you around here from time to time though.

All the best for you and your future plans!

Man thank you so much for all of your deep hard work and support, Sebastian. Best wishes for your new life chapter! and be safe. lol I still working on the node editor via Python 😉 small demo vid for you: Node Graph Editor via C4D Python API Video
I will share it with the c4d py devs community when I'am done.

Thank you for all the help, Sebastian!
Good luck!

Checkout my python tutorials, plugins, scripts, xpresso presets and more

Hello and thank you, Sebastian.

Sebastian, did you make volume rendering for prorender? (Great)