Solved Copy shader from one material to another

Hi, I'm trying to copy a shader from one material to another. I know how to set the other material to the same type of shader but I don't know how to copy it exactly? for example if the noise parameters were tweaked on the texture we're copying.
The code assumes 2 materials are selected for coping the shader.

#Get the type of shader from 1st Material
shaderType = c4d.BaseList2D(mat[0][c4d.MATERIAL_LUMINANCE_SHADER].GetType()) 

#Set shader to same type on 2nd
mat[1][c4d.MATERIAL_ALPHA_SHADER] = shaderType

InsertShader() and the parameter do NOT need the shader type. They desire an actual shader instance. You can create a clone of the original shader with GetClone().

See also BaseShader Manual.

Thanks Bach! I knew it was going to be something simple like that.