Looking for help!

I'm a newbie, go easy on me, I hope this is the right place to start, i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong.

I'm a intermediate C4D user, with zero SDK knowledge.
I'm in the process of have a plugin developed. Clever stuff compiled by two much brainier souls than me.

The issue is that the programmer who has been my Python to PythonC4D know-all, has gone and got a job and is now much less available. I would like to find another person who can step in or at least support what has already been created. Ideally they have good Python skills in and out of C4D, but also are good level C4D generalists too.

That's it.
Could be anywhere in the world, although being in London, UK is a real plus. Native or excellent english would help too.

If there is anyone who thinks they might be able to help, please let me know and we can talk day rate etc

Thanks everyone


if you're looking for Python development - I'd have some time on my hands. Long-time C4D user and developer (currently creating a Python-for-C4D course actually). Not in the UK though (mainland Europe).

If you want to talk about some details, drop me a mail under cairyn (at) tigress (dot) com.