Solved Setting UA vertical size

I have a User Area (UA) in a ScrollGroupBegin inwhich I show image files.
I set the size of the UA with GetMinSize() based on the nr of images to show.
Then I change the folder containing the image files.
The image files are displaced and I call GetMinSize() again to set the new height of the UA.

However, it seems that when the new UA height is smaller then the current height, the new height is not set.
Seems logical looking at the new GetMinSize().

Is there a way to set the height of the UA?


Hi sorry for the delay @pim,

Normally GeuserArea.LayoutChanged should be enough since it will ask the redraw of the parent ( In your case the group).
But without code, it's hard to tell.


Ok, something to think about.
Never considered using GeuserArea.LayoutChanged when changing the UA size.
I will give it a try.