Solved AddButton "Pressed" in GeDialog

Hi all,

there is a way to show a Button "Pressed" in GeDialog? Like when I click it with mouse? These buttons are added with GeDialog::AddButton().

Thanks in advance
Renato T.


I assume you are asking for a toggle button? The standard button cannot do that to my knowledge, but the BitmapButton can. The flag is called BITMAPBUTTON_TOGGLE, see here.


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Hi Zipit,

ok, thanks for that. I'll use the BitmapButton in this case. I hoped that there was a way to change the status of button in someway.

Thanks again

Hi @RenatoT , thanks for reaching out us.

As @zipit suggested BitmapButton is the way to go and for the future I warmly recommend to use the tagging system for a better context.

Cheers, R


I already used the BitmapButtonCustomGui for my dialog. Just i got some Gui corruption problems so I tried to switch to standard button... but the corruption of gui was not caused by it.

Thanks for your answer.
Renato T.