Solved How to properly use OpenSSL for local validation

Hello, I'm writing a local verification signature for Openssl for my plug-in.These functional modules are tested independently, but oddly enough, once compiled with the plug-in's source code, the compiled xdl64 file is not loaded by C4D, even if the plug-in's code does not call these openssl functions.That is, as long as the files are in the plug-in's project folder, C4D cannot load the plug-in.Unless I annotate the Openssl code.

BIO *bio = BIO_new_file(PUBKEYPATH, "rb");
    if (bio == nullptr)
        std::cout << "The public key file read failed!!!\n";

EC_KEY *ec_key = PEM_read_bio_EC_PUBKEY(bio, NULL, NULL, NULL);

Your dlls for OpenSSL will need to be compiled with the same version of visual studio using the same runtime. Then you will need to place these in the res\libs\win64 of your plugin for windows. OSX has a similar folder. Note that you will have to compile it for yourself on OSX as well now since I believe it has been removed from the default installation for OSX in Catalina. Alternatively you could look at using libcurl (depending on what you are doing), since for windows you can compile a static lib that uses WinSSL, and libcurl is still included with OSX.


Is there anything on your console ? see this page on how to launch cinema4D with a debug console.

thanks @kbar for the suggestions.


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Thank you very much for your help!!!

According to your prompt, I directly copy the OpenSSL compiled by vcpkg to../res/libs/win64, now C4D can load my plug-in.


Just FYI: you find that information regarding ./res/libs/win64 in the documentation: Development for Microsoft Window