Custom Tokens with Team Render Server

  • Hello,
    our Cinema 4D plug-in is using custom tokens to generate the render path dynamically. When using Team Render Server for rendering, our tokens are not translated.
    This is the render path we set in "Edit Render Settings":

    This is the path, where the rendering is put to:

    We expect the rendering to be put into the following path:

    If we use "Render To Picture Viewer" in Cinema 4D, our custom tokens are translated correctly.
    Also, if we use standard tokens (e.g. /$take/$res)​ in our project and render with Team Render Server.

    All machines have installed the necessary plug-ins installed correctly.

    How can we use Team Render Server with our own tokens?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi @Janosch

    Thanks for reaching us normally they should just work as a normal token, in fact, Cinema 4D ones are built the same way 3rd party does, so normally no difference should happen.

    1. Are they Python Or C++ Token?
    2. Are you sure your tokens are correctly registered even in Team Render Client by printing/logging the result of RegisterToken?
    3. Does your token is executed?
    4. Are you sure your token has everything it needs to works (I guess $layoutid work only on your custom scene)?

    Thanks in advance,

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