Solved Modify Preferences of an Third Party Plug-in?


As I understand, you can modify preferences using the c4d.GetWorldContainerInstance() as specified in this thread
However, for some reason, not all preferences are covered especially the Third Party preferences.

I specifically trying to modify this one given by the script log
prefs(1027974)[c4d.XPPREFS_SYSHUD_SHOW] = False

It's from the Xparticles plug-in.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you


you will find your answer here.


MAXON SDK Specialist

Hi @zipit

Thanks for the response. The thread reference works as expected.
Here is the code I used:

    op = plugins.FindPlugin(1027974) # Retrieved from the script log
    if op:
        print op[c4d.XPPREFS_SYSHUD_SHOW] # we know the enum from the console

Have a great day ahead! :)