Solved Prorender style viewport rendering

I'm in the process of adding a renderer to the viewport of C4D and I wanted some clarity on functions I should be looking into. I've gathered that I need to make a VideoPostData plugin, and I've used Execute pixel to blanket the viewport in red on hitting the render in viewport button. I also discovered that I could use


to add items to the Viewport menu. I'd like to have the user be able to turn my renderer on and off similar to Prorender and draw interactively in the viewport. What documentation, functions, or examples should I be looking into to achieve this?

Hi eldiren, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your request, please consider that ProRender has been integrated by using a non-public API which among the different features also gives permits to integrate the renderer buffer with the viewport.

At the moment aside from the documentation about VideoPostData for non-interactive or semi-interactive rendering purposes and the approach seldom used of representing in a GeUserArea or via the SceneHook::Draw function the results of a renderer buffer, there are not yet examples showing how to integrate external renderers in Cinema 4D.

Best, R