Solved Why does dragging parameters into the script window now also carry the object types name beforehand?


Hello I was wondering why this addition... when you drag an attribute/parameter from the attributes panel into the scripting window to copy the proper baseselect value for a given object, the object type is now added to the beginning....

I thought it was better the way before- when you could drag the parameter and it would only add the baseselect's label "[xxxxxxx]" which meant there was no need to go back and delete the object name because it wasn't copied.

For example now in R20 I make a Python Generator, add a user data link to it, and type on the first line of the main code:

    obj = op

After this, I drag the userdata field into the script window after "op", now I have:

    obj = opPythonGenerator[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1]

What a mess. It used to be clean.. I would type obj=op, drag in the user data field and it would have added [c4d.ID_USERDATA,1] with no need to delete "PythonGenerator". With R19 and earlier I would have had "obj=op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1]" with no need to remove the superfluous object type text.

Just wondering if there was a reason to add this, it has been irking me for the last few months of heavy scripting use in C4D and it would be awesome if that was rolled back to the way it was- unless of course there is a reason why it's important to keep that I am missing.

Hi Jenandesign, thanks for reaching us.

With regard to your request, the reason of the change is due to the new Python console brought out since R20 where by dragging a parameter from the UI in the console provides the user with the complete "route" to propelry evaluate the parameter.

This is by design and won't be reverted back in future releases.

Best, Riccardo