Solved Best way to get Enable status of an object?

To get the Enable status I can use

  2. obj.GetDeformMode()

But what to do for a polygon object?

See below example, for all various options.
How to detect all those different option and the Enable state?


Hi Pim, thanks for reaching out us.

I'm sorry but I can't actually get your point: what do you mean by "the Enable status for a polygon object"?

Polygon objects - those whose C4DAtom::GetType() == Opolygon is true - are "enabled" by definition and can not be disabled because their raw-data is supposed to be persistent and they don't behave as generators.

Can you better explain your intent?

Cheers, R

Sorry I was not clear enough.

Your answer (polygon object is "enabled" by definition) triggered me and now I understand.

Thanks and my best wishes for a great 2020 for you, your family and your Maxon family.