Solved Make plugins work in R13? how?

Hello everyone. First of all, I am not a programmer.
But I badly need CD tools plugin by Cactus3D work in C4D R13, Is that too difficult to do? released a version of CD tools a while ago, and made it work for many versions from R14 and above. But sadly not for R13.

But the reason I need it, is to be able to export morph targets to FBX.
C4D R13 does not do that. But CD tools does, so I heard.

Or maybe possible to write a script or something to export c4d R13`s morph targets ?

I am not sure this is a convenient question to ask. I am not a programmer at all. But I need this function badly, and the only license I have is R13.
Either make CD tools work in R13, or to simply export C4d R13`s morph target to FBX

Is that possible? too hard ?

Where are you exporting the morph targets to? its wholly possible your other package supports creating morph targets from obj files, or alembic. I can't recall if R13 supported Alembic or not. Sadly plugins are forward compatible not backwards. Sorry.

Hi, thanks for replying.
What I want to do, is to create morph target in C4D R13 (facial expressions) , then animate it.
This, it can do very well.

Problem is when exporting. R13 exports FBX animations made with bones, but not with morph targets. Sadly it is so.

So, as a 3D modeler who knows nothing about programming, I wonder what is the limitation. FBX exporter 7.1 ? writing an exporter based on new FBX would solve this ? Or is it something about R13 that has a limitation to export morph targets ?

@eldiren and no... it does not have alembic exporter. This appeared much later in R17 or R18 I guess.

The animation would be of a character , body animated with bones and face with morph targets.
R13 can do it, but not export it.

R19 and newer can, for sure. But I cant afford the update now... sadly.

Maybe a combination of both. Maybe FBX 7.1 didn't support it back then, or maybe Maxon didn't implement it. I think it's probably that Maxon didn't implement it. I'm no longer using the R13 SDK personally. There are other options that are shaping that are far better than FBX, but they require a newer version.
As a solution for you I'd say export the pose morphs as obj, then import them into Blender and FBX export from there.
FBX also has a python API so maybe you could script an export without having the dive into the older R13 C++ API.

Hi P_ron81 thanks for reaching out us.

Considering the very early release of Cinema 4D you're referring to, I'm sorry to say we don't support it anymore. I can't also confirm or deny, without having a look at the original code from CactusDan, about the feasibility to build it against the APIs shipped with R13.

Cheers, R