Will R22 be Python 3 as Python 2 "dies" in 2020?

  • Hi,

    This topic has been discussed in this thread but I can't seem to reopen the discussion so I'm creating a new one.

    As I know C4D follows the http://vfxplatform.com/, in the site, it says

    "Python 3 in CY2020 is a firm commitment, it will be a required upgrade as Python 2 will no longer be supported beyond 2020."

    Does this mean R22 will be in Python 3?


  • Hi bentraje, thanks for reaching out us.

    We're aware of the Python 2.x deprecation by the VFX Reference Platform and I confirm it's on our Product Managers' radar. At the same time I can't give any confirmation on when, in terms of release cycle, this transition will be available for our users.

    Best, Riccardo

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