Solved Will R22 be Python 3 as Python 2 "dies" in 2020?


This topic has been discussed in this thread but I can't seem to reopen the discussion so I'm creating a new one.

As I know C4D follows the, in the site, it says

"Python 3 in CY2020 is a firm commitment, it will be a required upgrade as Python 2 will no longer be supported beyond 2020."

Does this mean R22 will be in Python 3?


Hi bentraje, thanks for reaching out us.

We're aware of the Python 2.x deprecation by the VFX Reference Platform and I confirm it's on our Product Managers' radar. At the same time I can't give any confirmation on when, in terms of release cycle, this transition will be available for our users.

Best, Riccardo

@r_gigante said in Will R22 be Python 3 as Python 2 "dies" in 2020?:


Hello Riccardo
Any news?

Maybe c4d has switch from cmd like another editor has -pyver 3

Hi @iluxa7k thanks for following up.

At the moment, as told in the very first answer, there are no updates I can share about the adoption of Python 3 in C4D. Rest assured that this is still under our PMs' radar.

Best, Riccardo