Method to access CAMorphNode pointdata reference index?

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    Hello, thanks in advance for the help! I am trying to access point data stored in the CAMorphNode and specifically trying to read/write which vertex in the upstream PointObject each deformed point is "attached" to.

    The only data I can seem to extract from the CAMorphNode's pointdata is the position itself. There is no index reference to the PointObject that I can see? And the morphnode only seems to store points that have changed rather than all of the vertices.

    Example is simple:

    Cube "made editable" (into a PointObject) w/ pose morph tag attached. On the first pose (after base) there is only a single vertex/corner moved out of place.

    PointObject.GetPointCount() returns 8
    PointObject > CAPoseMorphTag > CAMorph.GetFirst() > CAMorphNode.GetPointCount() returns 1

    CAMorphNode.GetPoint(0) only returns the point vector for the moved corner instead of all 8 points, but I can't figure out which corner that is? Surely the data is in there somewhere, maybe just not accessible in Python?

    I hope I am missing something.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,
    you can read this thread

  • THank you so much! 😸

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