String to ASCII value and vice-versa.

  • This is for C++.

    I have a String variable containing alphanumerical characters.
    How can I get the ASCII value of each character?
    For example, if my String variable is "a1b2", how can I get the ASCII values of each character (97,49,98,50)?

    And, if I have an Int32 variable containing a numerical value, how can I create a String out of that ASCII value.
    For example, if my Int32 variable has a value of 102, how can I create a String that contains "f" ?

    I have been going through the documentation but these simple conversions, that are so basic in other languages, are not simple to understand in the C++ documentation.

  • Maybe not the best solution but this seems to work:

    	maxon::String str = "a1b2"_s;
    	Int32 ascii = 102;
    	// convert string to ASCII
    	for (Int32 i = 0; i < str.GetLength(); ++i)
    		char c = (char)str[i];
    		Int32 a = (Int32)str[i];
    		ApplicationOutput("'@' position @ has char @ (ascii = @)", str, i, c, a);
    	// ASCII to string
    		maxon::String ascii2str;
    		ApplicationOutput("ascii value @ results into string '@'", ascii, ascii2str);
    	// alternative
    		maxon::String ascii2str;
    		iferr(ascii2str.Insert(0, char(ascii)))
    		ApplicationOutput("(alternative) ascii value @ results into string '@'", ascii, ascii2str);

    Output to console:

    'a1b2' position 0 has char 97 (ascii = 97)
    'a1b2' position 1 has char 49 (ascii = 49)
    'a1b2' position 2 has char 98 (ascii = 98)
    'a1b2' position 3 has char 50 (ascii = 50)
    ascii value 102 results into string 'f'
    (alternative) ascii value 102 results into string 'f'

  • Thank you very much.
    It seems to work :-)

  • Hello,

    just FYI: you find information on how to access individual characters from a string in the manual: String Manual

    Also, one of our examples includes checking the ASCII value of a given character: streamconversion_impl.cpp

    If your question has been answered, please mark your thread as a question and set it to "solved".

    best wishes,

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