Solved Output all renderpaths


Is there a way to output all renderpaths? Perhaps via the token system?

I tried setting up the token system to get to the render paths, but it seems to me, like it is basically the same as building your own string replacement. You still have to manually input all the relevant stuff in to the dictionary, am I wrong?
If only something like $take is used that might be handy, but if you are e.g. trying to output all paths that have tokens like $take, $pass and $frame and you have to cycle through them manually changing the values in the dictionary then that's not really more practical than just searching for the token string and replacing it.

Am I missing some great functionality of the token system that would allow me to just print all the render output paths?


Hi @Boony2000 just to be sure of what you are currently talking about. If in the render setting there is the token $frame you want to retrieve path/01, path/02..... etc and all according to all frame that will be rendered? Is it correct?

If it's that tokens are context-specific which means is the things that use the token that pass the arguments (see StringConvertTokens)

So it's not possible to have all the files the output a token will generate because it's up to the context (it might be the render manager but could be a generator as well) to define the RenderPathData.

However, I have opened a feature request.

Thanks Maxime!

In the mean time I will cycle through takes, AOVs and Frames manually to get the paths.