Solved Visual Studio - How to build the final plugin version.

After building the solution, a myPlugin.cdl64 file is generated, but when I try to use it in other computer nothing happen (I had included the res folder). it's works only with the c4d application where I had complicate the solution.

I'm using Cinema 4D R19, Visual Studio 2015 and the Cloning cinema4dsdk folder as method to setup the project Visual Studio.


Where did you put the file? As cld64 is a plugin, it needs to go in a folder with the plugin name together with the res folder, and the whole folder setup goes into the plugins folder of your home directory. (I guess you know that.)

If the folder is in the correct place: You probably have a register function somewhere that you call from your code. (Since the plugin works on one setup, this is apparently the case.)

Do you write some console output during the registration process that would help find the issue?

Do you link some other libraries dynamically to your code, which may be missing? For example, you may need the Visual C++ redistributables on the other computer. Try installing these there, as they are version sensitive.

Do you use the same major/minor version on the other computer?

Hi mfersaui, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your issue, as already pointed out by @Cairyn and @mp5gosu, I warmly recommend to check for:

  • location of the .cdl64 file
<cinema R19 folder>
    |-myPlugin.cdl64 or (.dylib)
  • call to proper registration functions like (e.g. RegisterCommandPlugin(), etc);
  • presence of dynamic libraries and correct runtimes on the destination system used by your plugin;
  • creation of a release build of your plugin (debug builds require debug runtimes which are usually not available in destination system);
  • building against an SDK whose minor revision level is lower or equal to the Cinema revision level running on destination system (building against SDK 19.008 and running on Cinema R19.068 is fine, viceversa is not);
  • using the same Cinema 4D major revision on the destination system (building against SDK 19 and running on Cinema R20 doesn't work ).

Best, Riccardo

Thank you so much, all

The Cinema 4D on the other computer was not updated to R19.068, I updated the c4d app and I made new test, it seem to work normally. To be sure, I will retest it again on a third computer.

I have an error when I try to debugging plugins, I will create new topic concerning this error.

Thanks again, and have a great day.