R21 Trial: Does it load plugins?

  • Hello,

    short question, as I couldn't find information about this for R21: Does the R21 Trial load plugins?

    Thanks & greetings,

  • Hi Frank, thanks for reaching out us and yes, it does!

  • As a side note, that yesterday I forget to mention in the rush on answering back, please be aware that Cinema 4D R21 executables are not differentiated anymore as it was in the past between demo and non-demo versions.
    The binaries are exactly the same and are those stored on the Maxon website and the sole difference is the license used by Cinema. The trial license is actually just a regular license but time-limited.

    Best, R

  • Hi Ricardo,

    thanks for your reply!

    The thing is, we have several machines, and Cinema R21 works fine everywhere. On one Machine (Win 10), which runs a Trial license, the plugins do not load. The code in main.cpp is never called. Another machine, which has exactly the same configuration and the same version of Cinema installed (just not a Trial), the same plugin binary works perfectly.

    The old "delete prefs/symbolcache and directorycache" trick does not work either. Full access permissions are granted in all Cinema folders and subfolders.

    Any ideas what else could be the reason?


  • Hi Frank,

    I've just created a temp account to which a Cinema 4D R21 trial license is bound to and actually I experience no issue in loading the cinema4dsdk examples plugin.

    Could you please provide your plugin (even via email to sdksupport)? Or could you reproduce it with a simple code? Are you sure that the two machines are sharing the "exact same" configuration?

    Thanks for following up.

  • Thanks, Ricardo!

    I'll ask my colleague (who's experiencing the issue) if he can provide something 👍


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