Solved On the problems of C + + novice

I want to write the simplest plug-in in C + +

But I've already configured the SDK

I went through some tutorials and found that the vs version is updated a lot. I don't know how to configure it

I would like to ask vs2017 and R21 for a tutorial on writing the simplest plug-in

It's better to have a video tutorial so that I can understand my English faster. It's not very good

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Did you already have a look at Getting Started: Introduction?

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@dada I would not recommend using the C++ SDK for a C++ novice. The Python SDK is much easier to get something done quickly and get used to the API.

@s_bach Thank you in advance for your reply
I refer to what you said and went to the SDK documentation
I can't successfully create a cheapest plugin of my own
I want to ask
Are there any tutorials that are particularly suitable for newbies in C ++, I found links to some resources on this forum
But the tutorials that are clicked are older versions and are not applicable to c4dR21 and Visual Studio 2017
I hope there is a video tutorial that teaches me how to configure Visual Studio 2017 and successfully create the first plugin of my own
I can pay to buy this video tutorial
I would like to use what I learned to write my own C ++ plugin

I will already use python to create scripts and my own plugins
But I want to write my own script in C ++
Thank you for your reply


there aren't any official video tutorials regarding plugin development.

If you are new to C++, I strongly suggest to learn the language and how to use Visual Studio before diving into Cinema 4D plugin programming.

When you are familiar with C++ and Visual Studio, the first thing you should do is to compile the provided example projects. Especially the "microsdk" show the basics of a simple project. How to build the example projects is described here: Getting Started: Introduction.

What specific issues do you encounter while compiling the examples?

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