SOLVED menu.InsData(, 'CMD') does not work on Tags?


In the c4d.gui.ShowPopupDialog documentation. It offers menu.InsData(c4d.Ocube, "CMD") to add a cube. It works.

I tried modifying it to menu.InsData(c4d.Tphong, "CMD") but the phong icon does not appear like the cube icon above.

Does this mean the menu.InsData referred in the documentation works only on objects and not tags?

Thank you for looking at my problem


When you create a nodedata, it automatically create a command for you.
The phong tag doesn't have any command attached ot it.
The RigidBody does have one.

You can see on windows->customization->customaze commands all the command that does exist.

so it works if the command does exist.

I still got to check how the menu is build when you right click on a object in the object manager.
I'll be back if i got more information about that.


Hello again,

internaly it's using something like this.

menu.InsData(IDM_MENU2, 'Phong&i5612&')

As i said, no command attached to it, you have to react to the menu and create yourself the phong tag.


without more information from your part, i'll close this thread