Insert Button for Plugin into standard palette

  • Hi!

    Is it possible to have a command plugin insert an icon/button into the standard palette on startup?

    I am aware that changing layouts would be something I would have to deal with seperately, but is it generally possible to do what you would normally do via the 'customize commands' menu from within the plugin code?


  • Hi,

    no, that is not possible. I do not think that this is even possible in C++ (but I might be wrong here). But you can modify the main menu via listening for C4DPL_BUILDMENU in PluginMessage()[1]. There you could add a sub menu that provides a custom new palette that the user can pop out. The problem is: You cannot even read out the current pallets, so you could really only provide a modified standard pallete.


    [1] See Enhancing the Main Menu. In Plugin Structure. url:

  • Hi @Boony2000, unfortunately as @zipit said, it's not possible to do.

    Another way to do it is to have a custom layout and load it with LoadFile. But it will load the whole palette.


  • Thanks for the input!
    It's a shame you can't fiddle with the palettes. I think I'll just do it like x-particles and have a command that loads the palette and the user can dock it himself. Not the most elegant, but gets the job done.