Improved in 3D modeling

Some things can be improved in 3D modeling in Cinema 4d.
I am a diamond member of turbosquid, I am used to using accurate and fast 3D modeling in my work. Unfortunately, I can’t work like that in Cinema 4d. I still use 3D max for 3D modeling and now it’s a blender.
There are several important things that are done better there.

  1. Snap. You need to do this as it was done in a blender, by pressing the control, the binding is activated (analogue of Axis Constrain in 3D max)
    This is when you can change the height of the cube by making it equal to the height of another cube. Changing vertices, edges, faces, focusing on other objects.
    This is very often used in the work of a professional 3D modeller. Without this, modeling in Cinema 4d does not make sense.

  2. I like how the tools work in the blender.
    With an active tool, pressing the appropriate key adds certain tool modes. For example a knife. After we have selected it, pressing one button activates cutting at 90 degrees, cutting the other through, the third cut in the middle of the rib, and the fourth enable snapping to the ribs.

  3. With transformation tools, I like to drive values ​​directly on the keyboard, for example, rotate by 90 degrees, and if I made a mistake and need to rotate by -90 degrees, it is enough for me to press the minus next.

  4. In the render window, it is impossible to look at the alpha channel with depth with one button. These are the most common requests.

  5. Setting the selection of permissions in the render window is terribly not convenient. 3d max 25 years ago came up with programmable buttons and this is much faster than I climb into the list with a depth of two floors.

Hi final3d, thanks for writing us.

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