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I'm not entirely sure the maxonsdk.module example loaded, or exactly what I'm supported to see from it in R20, but I noticed it has some examples of mediainput and mediaoutput. How exactly do I create a new geometry importer and exporter, such that it appears in the export menu. I noticed Redshift has one for their proxy format. I'd like to use the open/merge menu like I would on an alembic, or fbx, bring up a dialog to select options, and then populate the manager with my custom generators. I'd like to go into the export menu, pick my format, have the dialog open for options, and then translate the scene as needed.

With the maxonsdk.module example I imagined the .image format it's talking about would have popped up as an export option or something.


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The Cinema 4D SDK comes with several example projects: the maxonsdk.module contains example code using solely the new MAXON API, while the cinema4dsdk uses both classic and MAXON API combined. See Example Plugins.

The maxonsdk.module project contains implementations of media related interfaces. The ".image" format example is an example on how to load - well - image data.

Importers and exporters of 3D scenes are something different. As Kent has pointed out, these are based on the (classic) API hooks SceneSaverData and SceneLoaderData.

You find a list of all useful plugin hooks / interfaces here: Plugin Types.

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Thank you. That worked like a dream.