Solved Restrict Input Dialog to Numbers?


I want the c4d.gui.InputDialog to restrict to numbers. Currently, it allows and will return a string as verified by this thread and in the documentation.

Can someone confirm if this is still applicable for the latest version (i.e. R21)?

If so, are there any definitive solutions?
I was thinking of calling a GuiDialog within a GuiDialog so I can create a dedicated GeDialog.AddEditNumber().
But I'm not sure how to implement this.

Is there a way around this?

P.S. Just for background:
Within my current GuiDialog, it has several buttons. And when you press some of them, I would like a Dialog Pop-up and asks for input before the command in the button executes itself.

@bentraje take a look at the official gedialog_ask_number example.


Hi @m_adam

Thank you for reference. It works as expected.
Have a great day ahead! :)