Hi there,

a classic topic that just came up again...

In a GeUserArea, we try to catch a double click. It used to work fine, the code has worked for years. But recently, I find it very difficult to trigger a double click event. That even happens in old builds of the plugin that used to work as expected (I tested back to R16).

Bool MyImageArea::InputEvent(const BaseContainer& msg)
			if (msg.GetBool(BFM_INPUT_DOUBLECLICK))
				// Do stuff here...
				return TRUE;
	return FALSE;

Things I noticed:

  • I have to take care the mouse does not move at all during the double click
  • I often have to click three or four times

Debugging, I can see that if (msg.GetBool(BFM_INPUT_DOUBLECLICK)) is called, but rarely returns true, however fast I try to click.

It seems that the problem is not present on Windows, but it is on macOS. Maybe something with the mouse handling in macOS changed in recent OS updates?
What might be the reason? And how can I improve responsiveness to double clicks?

Thanks for advice!



Fowarding this to our devs. I'll be back when i got information. 🙂


Thank you!

@fwilleke80 said in BFM_INPUT_DOUBLECLICK in GeUserArea...:

That even happens in old builds of the plugin that used to work as expected (I tested back to R16).

to remove any kind of guessing here, you are having this issue, using your plugins compiled for the R16 using it with the R16 version on OSX Mojave ?

More information on what c4d and osx version you are using could help.


Environment used to build for R16:

  • MacBook Pro 17" Early 2011
  • Xcode 5.1
  • OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
  • Cinema 4D R16.021 (Build RB111778)

For testing, I used the binary built on the above mentioned system and ran it in R16 on my iMac with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. The exact Cinema version is 16.011 (RB 107079), as I couldn't get updates for R16 anymore. In this test scenario, double clicks don't work reliably, as described in the initial post. Using it on the old MacBookPro used for building, the double clicks work fine.


if i'm correct, you have access to the Beta.
If so, my suggestion here is to open a BL entry and provide your tools so we can reproduce it.
You will be able to communicate directly if needed.


OK, thank you!