How to force resize the Native and 3rd Party Plug-in Icons?

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use resize the native and 3rd party plug-in icons but they don't respect the width and height I specified.

    Here is a code snippet:

            bcBitmapButton = c4d.BaseContainer()
            bcBitmapButton[c4d.BITMAPBUTTON_BUTTON] = True
            w = 12
            h = 12
            null_btn_id = 1001
            null_btn = self.AddCustomGui(null_btn_id, c4d.CUSTOMGUI_BITMAPBUTTON, "", c4d.BFH_CENTER|c4d.BFV_CENTER, w, h, bcBitmapButton)
            null_icon = c4d.bitmaps.InitResourceBitmap(c4d.Onull)
            null_btn.SetImage(null_icon, True)

    As you can see I specified 12x12 size but the native icon maintain its 50x50 and th 3rd party icons maintain its 100x100 size.

    You can see an illustration of the problem here:

    Thank you for looking at my problem

  • Hi @bentraje you can use BITMAPBUTTON_FORCE_SIZE
    The python documentation is wrong is not a boolean but an int (It will be fixed in the next documentation update).

    So you can define it as:
    bcBitmapButton[c4d.BITMAPBUTTON_FORCE_SIZE] = 12


  • @m_adam

    Thanks for the response. Works as expected.

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