AdditionalCompileOptions breaks any plugin

  • Hi SDK Team,

    After hours of searching inexplicable crashes when Init() is called on plugin object creation I narrowed it down to using "AdditionalCompileOptions" in the projectdefinition. No matter what the set setting is, just adding:

    AdditionalCompileOptions.Win64.Debug= /D "ANYSETTING"

    to the projectdefinition.txt breaks any plugin under windows. Tested with adding it to the SDK example plugin and it crashes on cinema startup. Same with "Release" setting instead of "Debug"
    I am using VS2017 community with v141 toolset win 8.1 sdk version. (all default what update projects
    tool created). SDK & Cinema Version is R21.022.


  • Important to note: adding the setting manually to the project works. Only when using AdditionalCompileOptions this happens.

  • Looks like your setting preprocessing definitions. So try the following instead...




  • Hi Fritz, thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to your issue, as already pointed about by @kbar , please refer to the General Settings section of the ProjectTool Manual. There you'll find the projectdefinition parameter Kent just mentioned in his post.

    Best, Riccardo

  • hello,

    Just to be sure, what are exactly the options you are trying to set ?


  • Thx for the answers,

    @Manuel I was just trying to set some library specific defines. I tried with a random define text and it breaks plugins.

    @Kent I will try that, thank you.

    Shouldn't it however also work how I did it?


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