Solved Python plugin priority

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I asked this question kind of included in another post, but it just reached a new level of importance for us :D

Is there a way to set a Python plugin's init priority? In the C++ SDK, a function called "SetPriority();" is still mentioned, but not documented anymore. In Python, it doesn't seem to exist. The C4DPL_INIT_ constants are still there.

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Hi @fwilleke80 no this is not possible.

Note that there is no mention of SetPriority in the C++ SDK API, in the latest online documentation. This function was renamed SetPluginPriority.

Just for your information.

  1. Cinema 4D load all modules (dll), the order is automatically handled by the source processor but any dependencies can be added in some rare cases where the automatic things fail with MAXON_DEPENDENCY_ON_MODULE.
  2. All C++ plugins are loaded according to there priority (aka SetPluginPriority).
  3. All Python plugins are loaded from a custom internal message to the python module.
  4. C4DPL_STARTACTIVITY is sent to all plugins.


OK, thanks!
Only asking personal code questions here.