Solved One Liner Console?


Is there a way to have a one-liner console docked in the layout such as in Maya?
You can see an illustration of the feature here:

For developing/debugging a script, I guess it make sense to open both script manager and console.
But for my daily usage of just executing script where sometimes I missed out a parameter and what not, I would just prefer a one line of code showing me the problem.

Is this possible in C4D? Just that simple one line console?

Thank you for looking at my problem.


the term "one liner console" is a bit ambiguous ;)

  1. If you mean by that a console with the height of one line: Well, just scale the window. You cannot turn off all the fluff that comes with the console window to get a ultra compact output like in Maya however.
  2. If you mean by that the ability to use Cinema's Python instance as a live interpreter, then open the Advanced menu on the console and hit Command Line. It will pop out a command line window into which you can type code which is then immediately interpreted when you hit Enter.


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Yes, I was looking for #1 item that "console window to get a ultra compact output like in Maya" :(
Anyhow, thanks for confirmation.

I can only confirm it's not possible in Cinema 4D.

The thing that matches the more is the Command Line windows.