Solved Plugin porting to R20(R21) MacOS problem.

Cinema is not loading successfully compiled plugin.
I already did port our plugin to R20(R21) windows version without a problem.
Unfortunately I got stuck with MacOS version.

Using XCode9.3 and C4D R20.026.
I am not even able to load sdk examples.
Compiled ok. But Cinema is not loading them.
Here is zipped project already compiled under MacOS:

Please help ! :)

It's a bit confusing. let me try to clarify thing.

Plugins compiled with version <R20 are not compatible with R20. You have to recompile them.
Plugins compiled with version R20 are not compatible with R21. You have to recompile them.
Plugins are not backward compatible (plugins compiled with version r20.059 will not work with version 20.012)

For each version, you should refer to this page to know witch version of Xcode and Visual Studio to use

In the zip you provided, you are using the framework 20042 so it will not work with version R21.

You are talking about R20.026 (i don't know if you was referring to R21.026 witch is the actual version)

You have to unzip the found in the cinema4D directory somewhere in your hardrive where you have write permission. Than use the projectool to generate the project files.

If you follow those directives, you should be good to go.

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Yes I am talking about R20.026.
What I was doing is that I generated projects for R20 and R21 on Windows machine for Windows and also for Mac.
Problem is probably that on Windows I have installed R20.042 and generated projects with SDK R20.042. But on Mac I tried to run it with the R20.026.
I was not aware that there is a compatibility break even between minor versioning.

So I have some additional questions to clarify, and some suggestions which might help other developers.

  1. Could you please clarify me which versions of SDK should be used for official versions of 3rd party plugins for R20 and R21?
    Suggestion : This should be explained and highlighted in SDK manual MORE in detail, since it is very important. Plus linked to appropriate downloads.

  2. Suggestion. I would recommend to implement warning message when Cinema is scanning plugins and find plugin with lower minor version but identical major version. This might avoid to get stuck a lot of developers when porting multiple platforms for multiple versions.

  3. Where can I find downloads of Cinema (official versions not BETAS). But full installers!
    From official account I can download just latest build (full installer). And on beta.vila I was not able to find R20 official version for win and mac and with full installer.
    NOTE: Your SDK is very clean and organized. but it would be great if you organized also downloads with the same order.

  4. Last questions is regarding project tool. Are there also compatibility issues between project tool versions and sdk versions.
    Between minor and major versions?

Thank you for your help Manuel,
I really appreciate your quick responses.

Viktor Veličko WTools3D s.r.o.

Please ignore question and suggestion 3 from the previous reply.
I don't need the full installer for OSX anymore.
Stupid mistake on my side. I was unzipping C4D zip on windows, and then it didn't work on mac.
Unzippping on mac, I can run all C4D OSX versions now.
And all versions are listed on beta.vila.

Viktor Veličko WTools3D s.r.o.


There's no official versions for 3rd party, it's up to you to know witch version you want to support.
Each version come with bug fixes even for the sdk. You should probably use the first public version to maximize the compatibility and move if a really important bug for you have been fixed.

If you have access to betaVilla, you have access to a beta and to Bugslife. You can add a suggestion there. Feel free to do so and explain why. There's no better ambassador than yourself. I don't see why users shouldn't have the last version. (except if they started a really important project and don't want to upgrade during that project)


You should use the proper project tools.
We are updating the tools and we are also updating the project files. It's almost the same than the first question, it's up to you but you should use the last version corresponding to Cinema4D's major version. (<R20, R20, R21)

Feel free to ask question if it's not clear.


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So my problem was actually not related to OSX but to compatibility issues between minor releases.
Thanks to your replies I sorted it out.
And I finally understand your versioning concept.

Thank you Manuel, good job!

Viktor Veličko WTools3D s.r.o.