Solved Problem using Melange in VS2017 C++

Hi Maxon, now I can complie the example provided by Melange SDK successfully, but once I compile my own project I failed with a lot of errors, I am using VS2017 and *.lib files are from version 2015 folder in sdk

I only include headers files and that's all what I did...

include "default_alien_overloads.h"
include "c4d.h"

I found a lot of errors like this: LNK2005 "class melange::RootObject * __cdecl AllocAlienRootObject*********" already defined in main.obj
and one like this:
melange_release.lib(pravite_ge_win_thread.obj) : error LNK2001 : unresolved external symbol __imp_timeGetTime

Help me please, many thanks!

Hi Lotuslab12, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your issue, rather than creating a new solution/project, I recommend cloning the provided melange example and adapt it to your needs.
Starting from scratch could lead to all the needed settings not to be on place and cause your building process to fail.

Finally, be aware that Melange-related questions should go in the Melange Development category, and to make proper use of tags and Q&A functionality.

Best, Riccardo