Cloner objects missing in Commandline FBX export

  • When I'm exporting a c4d file from the Cinem4D GUI as FBX, I get the correct output. But if I load the file in the Commandline and then export it as fbx, all of the cloner objects are missing. Has anybody a solution to this?

    This is how i load the file:

    load = documents.LoadFile(src)
    if not load:
        return False
    doc = documents.GetActiveDocument()

    and this is how i export:

    FBX_EXPORTER_ID = 1026370 
    documents.SaveDocument(self.doc, self.dst, c4d.SAVEDOCUMENTFLAGS_DONTADDTORECENTLIST, FBX_EXPORTER_ID)

  • hello,

    I would like to ask if it's possible to share a bit more of your code.
    Just in what you are showing us, you are using as document, load, doc and self.doc
    Did you have a look at this thread ?

    we are not sure from where you are retrieving the scene in fact.

    i also mark your thread as a question as explain in this thread


  • Hi Manuel,

    Thanks for your response. I'm loading the scene directly from a .c4d file as follows (with src being the path to the c4d file):

    load = documents.LoadFile(src)
    if not load:
    	return False
    self.doc = documents.GetActiveDocument()
    	if self.doc is None:
    		return False

    Up to this point, everything works as expected. If I print a list of all objects, the Cloner object is there. However, when I export the scene as an FBX, the Cloner object is missing. I had a look at the thread you linked and experimented with the different export flags, but it didn't seem to have any effect regarding the Cloner issue. Here's the full code for my export method:

    FBX_EXPORTER_ID = 1026370 
    def Export(self):
        objs = GetAllObjects(self.doc.GetFirstObject(), [])
        for obj in objs:
            print obj.GetName(), "-", obj.GetType() # the cloner is still here at this point
        plug = c4d.plugins.FindPlugin(FBX_EXPORTER_ID, c4d.PLUGINTYPE_SCENESAVER)
        if plug is None:
        # Get a path to save the exported file
        filePath = self.dst
        if filePath is None:
        op = {}
        if plug.Message(c4d.MSG_RETRIEVEPRIVATEDATA, op):
            print op
            if "imexporter" not in op:
            # BaseList2D object stored in "imexporter" key hold the settings
            fbxExport = op["imexporter"]
            if fbxExport is None:
            # set export flags
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_CLONE_OBJECTS] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_LIGHTS] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_SPLINES] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_LIGHTS] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_TRACKS] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_TRIANGULATE] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_INSTANCES] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_SUBSTANCES] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_SAVE_NORMALS] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_EMBED_TEXTURES] = True
            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_TEXTURES] = True
            # export without dialogs
            return documents.SaveDocument(self.doc, filePath, c4d.SAVEDOCUMENTFLAGS_DONTADDTORECENTLIST, FBX_EXPORTER_ID)

    This works fine for other c4d files that do not contain any Cloner objects. I'm on R21 Trial at the moment, by the way.

  • hello,

    you should add this line to be sure you are not exporting only selected element ?

            fbxExport[c4d.FBXEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY] = False

    I see you are using this in a class (self.) are you using that in a script or somewhere else ?


  • Hi Manuel,

    unfortunately, setting FBXEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY didn't change anything. I'm trying to run the export as a Plugin for the Command Line, so all of the code is located in a .pyp file in the plugins directory.
    The command I use to start the conversion is as follows:

    Commandline.exe -nogui ExportC4D "src=E:\Users\janbiko\Documents\test.c4d" "format=fbx"

    The file contains a PluginMessage method (as described here

    def PluginMessage(id, data):
    	if id == c4d.C4DPL_COMMANDLINEARGS:
    		if 'ExportC4D' in sys.argv:
                            # parse arguments and initialize exporter object

    The exporter class then loads a .c4d file and exports it as an .fbx as described in my last post. As I already mentioned, this works fine for other C4D files that to not contain Cloner objects, so I'd assume the general structure of my plugin to be correct.

  • hi,

    It's working with a simple scene here.I would try to add a ExecutePasses

     doc.ExecutePasses(None, True, True, True, c4d.BUILDFLAGS_EXPORT)

    Sometimes even twice to be sure all cache are updated.

    Does your scene export correctly if you use cinema4D and the UI ?


  • hello,

    this thread will be considered as "solved" tomorrow if you have nothing to add.


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