Solved Detect if document is being rendered in ModifyObject

Hello Plugincafe,
as the title implies I want to know wether the user is currently rendering the document => in the editor,
or in the picture viewer. I want to change settings of my modifier accordingly. (like the supdivision surface with supdivision editor/render).
What I have always done is check if the current document is the same as passed in ModifyObject (which works for picture viewer as the document is copied for rendering) but I don't know if this is the indended way of doing it or if there is somethihng else. In addition I want to do the same once the user renders in the editor, which my approach does not cover.
Is ther an "easy" way to accomplish this?

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you are informed in NodeData::Message() of upcoming renderings via MSG_MULTI_RENDERNOTIFICATION. The message is accompanied by RenderNotificationData which contain these flags.


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Hey zipit,
thanks for the answer!

Exactly what I needed!

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