STRINGENCODING -> StringEncodingRef ?

  • Hi all,

    as we are managing loads of code that needs to stay backwards compatible with several releases, I came across the changes in String::GetCString() resp. maxon::StringInterface::GetCString(). The first accepts an argument of type STRINGENCODING to specify the desired encoding. The second one accepts a StringEncodingRef&.

    Is there some handy function which I can pass a STRINGENCODING value and get the corresponding StringEncodingRef in return? I can write myself with no problem, just wanted to know if there's something in the API already.


  • Hi Frank,

    at the current time, we don't have any publicly-exposed method to achieve this. Some methods are available internally and I should check if they can safely exposed. Although I'll keep you updated on the topic, for the time being I consider it closed.

    Best, Riccardo

  • Hi Frank, I've just been confirmed that the function will be exposed in the future.

    Best, Riccardo