Solved R21 Console Bug?


For some reason, a saved layout with the console panel dock produces unusual behavior. I cannot use the console.
You can see an illustration of the problem here:

Is this a bug or should I enable a setting something for R21?

hi, @bentraje could you give us your saved layout?
Does this Layout is a fresh R21 one or it's an old one copied over R21 (that may be an issue)?

At least here it's working fine.
Did you try to clear the content of the console? Normally it should reset it.

Hi @m_adam

Thanks for the response. Here is the layout.
The layout is made from R21 but all my shortcuts are from R20, not sure if it matters.


Hope all is well.
Just wondering if there is an update to the issue.

Thank you.

Hi, @bentraje I'm not able to reproduce, may I ask you on which system are you?

Does it happen only with this custom layout? Does it happen all the time? Any more information to reproduce it will be welcome.


Hi @m_adam. Thanks for the response

RE: system
Windows 10

RE: Does it happen only with this custom layout?
Any layout that has the console folded at the layout. If it is unfolded, it works as expected.

RE: Does it happen all the time?
Yes, if the console is folded in the layout (when saved).

Is there a way around this? Thank you

Hi Bentraje,

I confirm that the issue can't be reproduced on our machines using your layout or any other layout where the Python Console is embedded in the layout (either if a startup layout or a loaded layout)

Please try to reproduce with a clean installation of Cinema or remove plugins that might interfere with the correct behavior of the console.

Regard, Riccardo


Thanks for the confirmation.
I guess will just wait for the next update and see if it fixes it.

Thanks again.

@bentraje actually there's nothing to get fixed in the future, since it can't be reproduce with a clean installation. Please give it a try with a clean installation and if you're able to achieve the issue and provide us with the steps, we'll look into it.

Thanks, Riccardo