Solved Highlight Hover on GeDialog Buttons?


Is it possible to have highlight hover on GeDialog Buttons like the same with pop-up menus?
You can see what I am after in this illustration.

As a background, I cannot use pop-up menus because I was aiming for multi column and multi row display of the commands.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you for looking at my problem


I am not aware of any methods to do this out of the box. For GeUserAreas you can listen for BFM_GETCURSORINFO in the hosting GeDialog to react to mouse over events. I assume these are also being sent for BUTTON gadgets. The problem is: You have no control over the drawing process of a BUTTON gadget.

So you probably have to - as I already hinted at in your first posting - implement your buttons yourself with a GeUserArea if you want to get extra-fancy 😉


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you can't really do that with a button.
The BitmapButton have a toggle state as you can see here but it's not a "mouse over" and you can change the image.

Or if you need your effect, you can use a GeUserArea, we have an example of a fade in the C++ documentation


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@zipit and @m_magalhaes

Thanks for the confirmation. Will close this thread for now. Will just ask separate question on GeUserAreas.