Solved Transparency of GeDialog?


Is there a way to control the transparency of the GeDialog when it is opened? Currently, it is opaque (i.e. a full gray where you can't see the background). I was planning to have an 80% transparency so I can see the background.

The only transparency I can see in the documentation is the SetTransparency and GetTransparency, but correct me if I'm wrong, it's only available to polygons.

Is there a way around this?

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@bentraje said in Transparency of GeDialog?:

Is there a way to control the transparency of the GeDialog [...]

To my knowledge there is currently no option to make a GeDialog partially or fully transparent. In the old forum there were quite a few threads on that subject.

If you want some sort of non-rectangular shape for your menu, you will have to spawn multiple dialogs as @maxime did suggest in your initial question.

SetTransparency is a method of BaseDraw meant for user defined polygon drawing operations to render these in a transparent style. You could technically also render your menu directly into a viewport via their associated BaseDraw, but your menu would then be restricted to viewports and also the whole approach would probably be a bit more technically challenging compared to a GeDialog approach.


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Thanks @zipit for the confirmation. No worries, it's only for cosmetics really.

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Just to confirm what @zipit came with, it's not possible to handle GeDialog transparency.


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