Solved Toggle Attribute Manager from Tool to Object Mode and Vice Versa

Posted it in Cineversity but its not possible natively.
So, hoping to find answers here.



When you select an object, the Attribute Manager (AM) shows the Basic and Coordinate tabs, among others.
When you switch to a move tool, AM now shows the tools settings.

I was looking for a shortcut to toggle AM back to the object mode.

Is there a way around this? Thank you

P.S. I understand I can create two AM but that clutters my workspace.

I guess an existing reference command would be the Spacebar. When you press it, it toggles between the active tool and selection tool.

But I am after is toggle the tool mode and object mode. Hope that makes sense.

import c4d

def main():

if __name__=='__main__':


Thank you. Works as expected! :)