Retrieving particle positions for Multi-Instance

  • Hello.

    I need to retrieve the particle positions from the object used in INSTANCEOBJECT_MULTIPOSITIONINPUT parameter of Multi-Instance.

    The documentation says it supports Mograph Matrix, Emitter and Thinking Particles.
    I retrieve the positions from Mograph Matrix using ID_MOTAGDATA tag.

    How can I do the same with Emitter and Thinking Particles ?

    Thank you for your time !

  • hello,

    so you want to retrieve the positions of particles (from particles object or TP) ?

    About Thinking Particles you have information here, don't forget to use InitThinkingParticles before using it.

    For Particles Object you have this page and this is pretty straight forward.

    For example :

            // Retrieves Particles Object
    	BaseObject *selObj = doc->GetActiveObject();
    	if (selObj == nullptr || !selObj->IsInstanceOf(Oparticle))
    		MessageDialog("Need to select a particle object"_s);
    		return maxon::OK;
    	// cast object to ParticleObject
    	ParticleObject* partObj = static_cast<ParticleObject*>(selObj);
    	if (partObj == nullptr)
    		return maxon::NullptrError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);
    	const maxon::Int32 cnt = partObj->GetParticleCount();
    	// Retrieves the particle tag that is invisible.
    	ParticleTag* partTag = static_cast<ParticleTag*>(partObj->GetTag(Tparticle));
    	for (maxon::Int32 i = 0; i < cnt; i++)
    		const Particle* myParticle = partObj->GetParticleR(partTag, i );
    		// Check particle's age before output position
    		if (myParticle->t > 0)
    			DiagnosticOutput("particle position @ have age @", myParticle->off, myParticle->t);
    	// Creates particles in TP
    	// Retrieves the TP Master
    	BaseSceneHook* hook = doc->FindSceneHook(ID_THINKINGPARTICLES);
    	if (hook == nullptr || hook->GetType() != ID_THINKINGPARTICLES)
    		return maxon::NullptrError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);
    	TP_MasterSystem* tpmaster = static_cast<TP_MasterSystem*>(hook);
    	if (tpmaster == nullptr)
    		return maxon::NullptrError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);
    	// Alloc 10 particles 
    	maxon::Int32 ids[10];
    	if (tpmaster->AllocParticles(10, ids) == NOTOK)
    		return maxon::OutOfMemoryError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);
    	// Changes position of particles and retrieves it to output it.
    	for (auto pid : ids)
    		tpmaster->SetPosition(pid, Vector(pid * 50));
    		Vector pos = tpmaster->Position(pid);
    		DiagnosticOutput("position of particle @ is @", pid, pos);


  • Thank you for your help !

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