Linker Error: LIMIT<Int32>::MAX undefined


I'm writing on behalf of a collegue. He is using the macro NOTINDEX from lib_modeling. That macro is defined as LIMIT<Int32>::MAX. However, when building the project, he gets a linker error, saying that LIMIT<Int32>::MAX was undefined.
I tried it in a small test project, and of course it actually works fine. So there has to be some problem with the rest of his project.

Long story short, here is his question: What could be the reason for LIMIT<Int32> to become undefined for the linker?

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Only asking personal code questions here.


any chance you could provide some example code to reproduce the issue? Without that, one can only guess what is wrong.

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Hi Sebastian!

Thanks for you quick reply. He will try and reduce the code as much as possible (as it is a commercial project of your company). When he's done, I'll send it over.

I am aware that you can't do much without example code. We were hoping there were some common stumble stones you might have come across.

Another thing worth mentioning might be that the linker only fails when building on macOS. Windows is doing fine...

Only asking personal code questions here.