Jiggle modifier not cached

  • Hi!

    When I need the polygons of some object, I usually use the JOIN command to build a fresh cache, apply all the modifiers and include all the children. Works really good.

    But I have a setup now, of a Plane with a Bend and a Jiggle to give some physics to the animation.
    When I apply the Join command to this plane, I get the Bend deformation but never the Jiggle.
    Is there anything different with the Jiggle to force it's deformation into the cache?
    I see there's an Enable Cache in it, but from the docs I think it's not what I'm looking for, and of course I tried it and made no difference for me.

    This is how I join the object...

    	bool MakePolygon( BaseDocument* doc, BaseObject* src, PolygonObject* dst )
    		auto clonedSource = static_cast<BaseObject*>( src->GetClone( COPYFLAGS_0, nullptr ) );
    		CHECK_RETURN_FALSE( clonedSource != nullptr );
    		// ignore object transform
    		clonedSource->SetMg( Matrix() );
    		// The JOIN command will make editable, appy all modifiers, and join into a single polygon
    		ModelingCommandData joinCommand;
    		joinCommand.op = clonedSource;
    		joinCommand.doc = doc;			// cannot be null, wil not create object
    		joinCommand.mode = MODELINGCOMMANDMODE_ALL;
    		joinCommand.flags = MODELINGCOMMANDFLAGS_0;
    		auto success = SendModelingCommand( MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT, joinCommand );
    		if( !success || joinCommand.result == nullptr )
    			BaseObject::Free( clonedSource );
    			return false;
    		auto result = false;
    		PolygonObject* joinedPolygon = static_cast<PolygonObject*>( joinCommand.result->GetIndex(0) );
    		if( joinedPolygon->IsInstanceOf( Opolygon ) )
    			joinedPolygon->CopyTo( dst, COPYFLAGS_0, nullptr );
    			result = true;
    		BaseObject::Free( clonedSource );
    		PolygonObject::Free( joinedPolygon );
    		return result;

  • @rsodre Passing the deform cache to the command bakewd the Jiggle deformation to my polygon.

    if( src->GetDeformCache() != nullptr )
    	src = src->GetDeformCache();

    Does this sounds ok?

    Using MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT instead of MCOMMAND_JOIN seems to have the same effect. What's the difference of using each one?

  • Hello,

    Regarding the question yes, using GetDeformCache is the way to go.

    Using one object, there's not too much difference between MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT and MCOMMAND_JOIN as the MCOMMAND_JOIN is calling a MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT for each object.

    The obvious part is that the Join command will create one object while the other will return a hierarchy. (if there are children)


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